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(+34) 677 248 543


Running Barcelona offers different services to help you reach your goals. We offer:


Training with the Dutch national marathon team

Training with the Dutch national marathon team


Thinking of getting the best training in town? Let us guide you to having great training, improving your technique or preparing for a special race. Using the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona you can train almost all year round in a nice climate experiencing different settings and surfaces.

The training sessions can be offered at all level and intensities, for individuals and groups, from beginners to professionals.




Coaching Spanish marathon runner Nacho Cáceres in the Olympics 2012 in London

Coaching Spanish marathon runner Nacho Cáceres in the Olympics 2012 in London

Make sure to get the best out of yourself! To train easier, run faster, prevent injuries, heal better after injuries...there are many reasons to make sure you are at your best possible energy level. Running Barcelona offers a unique service to improve on energy. You will be given understandable, practical information and exercises about the body & mind like: training principles, risks of overload, the influence of stress, a circuit for physical conditioning, tips on transforming your negative thoughts, stretching your body, relaxation, breathing, etc.

All the coaching is done in a personal, practical way with a 'two feet on the ground' approach and it is perfectly suitable for both beginner and elite runners.


Be a runner, KEEP BEING a runner... Be fit, stay fit!

For every runner the most important thing is a good health. Running Barcelona offers specialized physiotherapy for runners; with practical advice for prevention and fast personal treatment for injuries and active recovery training.

Examples of treatment are: IT band, tendinitis plantar, shin splints and muscle trauma.

With a session minimum of 1 hour, Running Barcelona offers physiotherapy specializing in chronic back pain, sports injuries and running. We are just off the most beautiful and most sporty street in Barcelona: Carretera de les Aigües. It is the perfect location to receive physiotherapy before or after running. The center is equipped with a mini gym for physio-training, treatment area, shower, recovery area and a room for presentations.


In support of the physiotherapy treatment, Running Barcelona also offers Manual Therapy to assist in your physical recovery if necessary. Manual Therapy is a physical treatment primarily used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and osteopathic physicians to treat musculoskeletal pain and disabilities.

A manual therapist is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, specifically the joints, muscles and nerves and their relations among each other with the aim of improving movement.

To influence these regions, the manual therapist can use different techniques. This may include moving the joints in specific directions at different  speeds (joint mobilizations or manipulations), muscle stretching, passive movements of the effected body part or letting the patient move into the resistance of the therapist to improve muscle activation and mobility. Also, medical training therapy, soft tissue techniques and advice to prevent future injuries are all part of the treatment given by a manual therapist.